Инструкция к x323

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For example if the system time is GMT +1 you had to set the LDAP sync time an hour before the system time. After a minute or two press the sky button on your Sky remote (it can take up to four minutes for the green light to come on).You may then need to reset the viewing card. To do this, switch the power off again and remove the viewing card from your Sky box. Their use neither constitutes a claim of the trademark nor affiliation of the trademark owners with MUSIC Group. The series and parallel connections allow power supplies to output 32V/6A (Parallel connection) and 64V/3A (Series connection). The CH1 and CH2 of GPE-2323 / GPE-3323 / GPE-4323 models operate the series and parallel connection function. GW Instek introduces the GPE-X323 series high resolution power supply to the global market. As a front-runner in the power supply manufacturing industry, GW Instek adheres to the policy of highest production quality so as to ensure the qualitative edge over the competitors. With its 16 MIDAS-design mic preamps and dual AES50 ports, the X32 RACK can support up to six S16 digital stage boxes for massive I/O connectivity.

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