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This paper presents an opinion dynamics model where agents use a cognitively simpler anchoring and adjustment heuristic. … In opinion dynamics models such as «bounded confidence» models, agents employ relatively sophisticated rules for updating their opinions. The Fire Teams completed two different scenarios, each consisting of a manned and unmanned condition. In the unmanned condition, the Gunner operated a remotely operated weapon from a separate location. These dynamics affect the large-scale structure that emerges from the underlying network. We present a clustering method that incorporates not only the weighted network topology, but also the particular dynamics for an application domain. Several branches of military service … The military recognizes digital technology’s powerful potential to enhance training, and desires to proactively explore emerging technology capabilities in order to remain on the forefront of serving our warfighter. Тщательно прочистите оборудование специальной жидкостью или просто промойте горячей водой перед использованием. With improved knowledge, the design and planning of pedestrian areas can provide improvements in safety, throughput, … Planning pedestrian environments requires that designers understand how pedestrians interact with their environment and one another.

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