Enc es-2040 инструкция

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Warning: WDS cannot be used on Nstreme-dual links. Client/station also can operate in different modes, a complete list of supported modes can be found here. The first part is a flat phone cable with modular plugs on both ends (wired differently than a standard phone cable). The other part is a connector with a 9-pin serial port on one end and a modular phone jack on the other end. See the Product Summary for a brief overview and description of the modes. Virtual Clients Note: Starting from 6.35 only in wireless-rep or wireless-cm2 package It is also possible to create virtual clients and have both an AP and a Client on the same physical interface. Virtual AP interface will only work if master interface is in ap-bridge, bridge or wds-slave mode. It works only with 802.11 protocol, Nv2 is not supported.

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