Троян pinch 3 builder + инструкция

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Assuming that the dealer offering what he claimed was the 76service kit was correct, the profit is not only in the kit, but in selling value added services like exploitation, compromised servers/accounts, database configuration, and customization of the interface. They are called sections and consist of a name and a parameter determining the entry section name (case is also not taken into account in this parameter), the end of the same section, indicated by entering end. Sometimes these files are not removed after installation and are kept as backup. It is very, very uncommon to find them still in publicly-accessible directories. Подскажите пожалуйста может я чё то не там смотрю или не правельно делаю? ICQ 494-664-53415.10.2009 / [email protected]пинч просто устарел. И не поддерживает новые версии.15.10.2009 / HACK_ERХорошая статья…Если доработать то можно ваще и сайт взломать!

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