Ыч40ры инструкция

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Page 154: Choosing The Number Of Copies Choosing Images for Printing (DPOF) Choosing the Number of Copies Choose [Select Images & Qty.]. Press the n button to choose [Select Images & Qty.] in the 2 tab, then press the m button. Wide:Moderate 21x Tele:Low Chromatic Aberration: Chromatic aberration at wide-angle is moderate in terms of pixel count, though pixels aren’t overly bright. At 21x telephoto, pixels appear a little brighter, mainly with a glow of bluish pixels visible. Bulk can be mitigated by purchasing a mirrorless camera like Sony’s NEX-5N, which retains the large DSLR-like sensor in a relatively compact body. Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Performance Startup Time: The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS takes about 2.6 seconds to power on and take a shot, which is on the slower side of average.

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