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Ref1007S019V0 Model: HB21FC45N* 9-5. Instruction of Check Variable Speed Compressor Instructions for testing the variable speed compressor Never attempt to jump start or bypass the inverter board to start this compressor. Press button E: The express freeze button indicator will light and the freezer will be in the express freeze mode. Ref1007S019V0 Model: HB21FC45N* 4-7.Stopping icemaker function Press button G and J at the same time for three seconds: The indicator lamp E will flash and icemaker will turn off. Ref1007S019V0 Model: HB21FC45N* Sincere forever Haier Group Haier Industrial Park, No.1, Haier Road 266101, Qingdao, China. The system is capable of providing 100% rated heating capacity at 5°F and toasty warm air at -22°F. Up to 28SEER Wall Mount 9,000/12,000/18,000 BTU Single Zone Heat Pump System.

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