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Prier: an eleven-year-old girl and Lumena’s most faithful attendant, she is sent along with the party early in the game; though she insists on Aeque doctrine at first, Spero eventually teaches her not to passively wait for a peaceful end. Alongside story-based missions, there is a special dungeon called the Catacomb of Trials, where characters can battle and gain experience levels, raising their general statistics. Nash talks to the young woman, who encourages him to see the city. As Nash leaves the inn, he is seen by a local schoolgirl, Nina, who is outside chatting with a friend. This theft lead those of the village, with the exception of Sierra, to a grisly choice: they could either wait to die in the village, or flee and drink the blood of mortal beings. Seed and Culgan believe Nash must be the spy that was in the Highland Camp that Prince Luca was talking about.

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