4nec2 инструкция

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Changes with version 5.3.4Incorporates miscellaneous bug fixes for problems found in earlier rev. The new 5.1 4nec2X version also enables real-life structure-geometry and far- or near-field pattern visualization. Ray Anderson WB6TPU < > Nec2dxs.zip nec2dxsUpdated 02/11/03 Now executes faster due to improved compile time optimization Nec2dxs.zip contains executables (and source code) for a version of NEC2 that has the Somnec interpolation table generator integrated into the NEC2 executable. The operative theory behind the use of patch-based reflectors is that the surface is a perfect tangential reflecting surface. And the XYZ coordinate formulas would look like this. These problems were related to inaccurate results when the NE card was in the input deck and software crashes when an LD (load) card was present.

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