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User variables should be used (instead of system-wide environment variables) because multiple versions and configurations of Qt can be compiled and available on one computer simultaneously. By using User Variables, changes to one user’s variables will not affect other users of the computer. Reproduce correct color with a choice of image capture using either sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses are designed specifically for digital capture with technology that delivers edge-to-edge sharpness with reduced distortion and shading. Each preamp delivers low distortion and an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio—providing pristine audio fidelity right from the start of your signal path. In addition to exceptional sound, each preamp has a generous 73dB gain range**, 20dB pad and 48V phantom power. Files are named Pmdd####.jpg, where m is the month (1-9, A-C), d is the day, and #### is 0001-9999. This way your file numbers are always unique (well, for one year at least). File numbering is maintained as you erase and switch memory cards. What you have copied should resemble the string shown in the step above.

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