Видео инструкция к sony а58

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Configuración óptima para cámaras Sony Alpha
Configuración óptima (según mi parecer) para sacarle el mayor provecho a tu cámara Sony Alpha. Método compatible con los modelos: A33 A35 A37 A55 A57 …

This last is very cool but, in my opinion, a little over the top for most people pictures. I didn’t have a suitably-scenic vista to show off the auto Panorama stitching mode, but I can confirm that it works and it does let you choose the panning direction. This is counter-intuitive for those of us used to cameras typically having such controls to the right of the flash, and depending upon your dexterity, that may inhibit quick settings-changes—it certainly did for me. Плавное видео в формате Full HDПлавное и детализированное видео Full HD благодаря постоянному автофокусу — даже при работе зума. This results in faster, more decisive AF that’s particularly noticeable when shooting HD video and bursts of stills in continuous mode.

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