Инструкция hp designjet t1100

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Fix for defect (No setup GUI for Debian 4.0 with Qt3 default). Changed core_install.py to change internal default based on command line input. Added some clarifying text to the supported_devices index page (e.g., Photosmart added to AiO list). Made some improvements to the PPD file matching algorithm in hp-setup. Added ‘groups’ output to hp-checking Fixed issue with I/O errors over the network showing ‘Communication: Good’ in hp-check Suppressed USB I/O checks in hp-check if ‘lsusb’ reports no HP devices Modified Makefile so APDK code is compiled only once for hpijs and hppgsz. You can update CUPS to 1.2.7 as a work around for this issue. Фотографические черные (HP 72 PK) и серые (HP 72 G) чернила на основе красителей используются для печати на всех видах носителей, обеспечивая высокую точность передачи нейтральных тонов.

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