037b инструкция

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Design details for drainage features and base/subbase material requirements are covered along with the evaluation and selection of appropriate remediation measures for unsuitable subgrades. Contains : 037-INC-DEVKIT 3 x 018-1SIN 037-BS1-DEVKIT — Development Kit for sinewave encoders requiring 023 preamp. The Deva 037 incorporates a dual input optical edge detector system. Deva 023 reader head pre-amp (023-1SIN-BS1) for use with a variety of scales and encoders requiring a pre-amp. Contains : 037-3INC-1OPT-REN-USB-E1 (with optical edge detector input) 037CONKIT Deva Product Software on USB USB A to B Cable 037-INC-2OPT-DEVKIT — Development Kit for incremental encoders.

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