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But while the hand injector now available is certainly better than the original one (we looked at a dozen prototypes before the final one was produced), it is still a hand injector. The concept is not new but has never been done with the class and availability that this new machine and the tubes to support it provide. After extensive (months) testing, by reducing auger speed (RPM) and with it’s new auger, this machine (reviewed above) works. It drops almost no ash and the tobacco remains in great condition. Можете скрутить себе любую : хоть с крепким табаком без фильтра , хоть ментоловую суперслимс. (Выбор за вами!). Вы фактически получаете ароматную сигариллу , подходящую именно для вас, тратя при этом во МНОГО раз меньше.- Самокрутки — это недорого.

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