Ecolab lime — a — way extra инструкция

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This type of equipment is an integral part of almost every meat processing line. The disadvantage of this method is the intense fog and aerosol formation, which may not only cause unwanted microbial spreading by water droplets (aerosol) but also affect installations and equipment through high humidity and excessive condensation. This allows a longer term contact on the surfaces to be cleaned. Detergents may have additional cleaning components such as chlorine, silicate or phosphate. It is important that manufacturers indicate the type of the substance, either alkaline, acidic or neutral on the product label. After a sufficient impact period (min. 15 minutes) the foam is washed down with water (water hose or low-pressure water spray). As no high pressure water spraying is needed for washing off the foam, the spreading of water droplets (aerosol) in the room to be cleaned is minimized.

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