Netlimiter 2 monitor инструкция

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Format:\n!GROUP //name// list-of-usernames\n\nThe GROUP line defines a group of users to be used in an EXCLUDE, EXCLUDEALL, INCLUDE, or INCLUDEALL line. This name is not an input to the license key signature algorithm, and thus can be changed at any time. \n\nThe //hostid// is RLM’s idea of the computer’s identification. These options first appeared in RLM v2.0.\n\nThe »-isv_startup_delay //seconds//» option specifies that when running as a Windows service, rlm should delay //seconds// seconds before starting up the ISV servers. If not specified, there is no delay. Often games are launched with a shortcut. If you right click on the shortcut, and look at the properties, you can see the launcher file. d. Launcher parameters are any additional commands/scripts that you would like to append to the launcher file path/exe.

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