Инструкция к мультисим

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NI Multisim Software******Parts needed: FAQ:Hey Bits4Bots I want to build this but I have only have a 74LS48 TTL. Answer: No problem. If you use a 74LS48 TTL you will need to use a Common Cathode Display. Part Number Description Est Ship US Dollars Qty Multisim Basics Course Kit 780384-01NI MULTISIM BASICS MULTISIM COURSE KIT—For prices, Select Country. [+] Enlarge Picture Course lessons Excellent reference Course software (exercises and solutions) The NI Multisim Basics Course Kit consists of the course manual and software exercises used in our hands-on courses, so you can take the course at your own pace. Студентам предлагается решить эти задачи, чтобы сравнить полученные ответы с приведенными в книге. You may deduct the price of the kit from the course registration fee if you later register within 90 days of purchasing the course kit. Multisim is for Educators and Students of Electronics Technology, Electronics Engineering and science.

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